Presentation medical and nursing services


With official license of hygiene ،treatment & medical education ministry

Sunday , August 9 , 2020

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Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights

All person in society should keep and respect to human dignity .

This order is so important in sick situation , according to constitution attention to human dignity is foundation principles of Islamic republic system.


Government should meet health and treatment services for every citizen.

This services should be justly and based on citizenship rights.










Patients right

recpection the satisfactory services is patient law.



presentation of health services should :

-Be according to religious values.

-Be according to honesty , equity, politeness & with kindness.

-Be regardless of discrimination.

-Be according to knowledge day.

-Be according to patients  inserts.

-In shortest time with respect of patients time.

-Data should be enough and desirable to patients.